My Faith In America

I am not a Trump fan.  To be fair, I wasn’t a fan of anyone running for President of The United States.

But I’m not disheartened by his election and him becoming our next President.

What I am disheartened by are the Americans who are giving up, even if only verbally, on our country.

I understand fear.  And concern.  And uncertainty.

But America never, never got better at anything because of the people who live here and love it here, giving up.  Or whining.  Or shrugging their shoulders.  They took those shoulders and put their weight behind what it was they are working on.  What it is they are working for.   And what it is they believe in.   And they surged.  Forward.  Together.

I am proud to be an American doing the work I do in America.  We have a voice.   But my voice will not be one of doom and gloom and woe.

It will either speak positively about a place that affords me the privilege and right to speak the way I choose, or it will be supported with works to change the things I do not feel positive about.

I pray for our new President to learn, to take counsel, and for the people of America to remember who they are, where they are, and what we can do together.

My faith in America comes from our history.  Not all of it has been good.  But good people, have always made a difference in it’s history.

I believe in us.


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