Lottery Village

I plan a village in my head, which is dependent on me winning the lottery.  This does not contradict my tuna blog.  I do not need to win the lottery or even necessarily wish wish wish to win.  It’s just if I did I have a fun time planning my village.  I don’t want to build a town or a city.  It has to be a village.  I think village is more conducive to the type of environment and life style I want my villagers to want.  I won’t tell the villagers how to live.  But those who will want to live there….well it’s going to be because they want to live a certain way.

First the entire village will be pedestrian and bike friendly.  No cars or trucks within the village.  All of the houses will be smallish.  But beautiful cabins or clapboard or stone houses.  I might just do all stone like Ireland of course.  Or all cabins like early American.  Each home will be within walking distance of a small school house.

Maybe bigger than a one room school house, but not much.  And the school will be based on teaching not creating sports dominated businesses.  Teaching will be about teaching.  The school and the teachers will not be there to replace what is needed in the homes.  If you want to live in this village and have children, you have to want to be there.  One parent has to be a stay at home parent.  Or at least when the kids are out of school.  The kids will have a playground and recess.  There will be a large community building used for dances, receptions, and functions for everyone in the village.

There will be a chapel.  The chapel will not be our payment  to God, our faith and praise will be the foundation of the chapel.   No one will have to pay to pray or belong.  I am hoping many will want little grottos and chapels of their own.  A place to go and be in peace with themselves and God, or to the chapel with others.  It’s all good.

There will be a tea and coffee house we can all go to through out the day for caffeine or non caffeine for those who are sensitive to it.  But the proprietor of said shop will have all the wisdom on the benefits of tea and coffee and will help us feel good with the right tea for the right moment.  And they will know NOT to boil the water!  There will be a general store that will stock what we need.  There will be a hardware store.  There will be an office building for anyone who needs an office.  I want an “office” to go to so I can say “I have to go to the office”.  And a pet peeve of mine, each office will have its OWN bathroom. There will be an old fashioned movie theater with sensibly priced popcorn and snacks.  There will be a restaurant where the food is prepared fresh and the owner is in love with cooking.  A bookstore of course.  A “gym” that will allow for all kinds of working out.

There will be trees and creeks.  Foot bridges.  Bike paths.  The entire village will be connected through out.  And the people. The nice thing about my village is that as I have fun building it in my head I have great joy in seeing familiar faces all through out the village.  I don’t have to create people to populate my village.  I want our homes to be our private havens.  They should give us shelter and comfort not just from the weather but from the demands of being with others.  This isn’t a bad thing.  But I recognize the value and need for everyone to have their space and their privacy.  The people…well I want them to want to live in a community that respects the individual but relies on community for support and care and fun.  People who are willing to work and care for themselves and step in to help when someone else in the community needs it.  I want the village to be safe for children, the elderly, and all of us who may need that comfort of a loving and supportive community at any given time.  I want people to feel good about where they live, how they live and what they are doing with their lives.

I have had so much fun over the years planning this village in my head.  And some of the details change here and there.  And there is alot of detail I have not included here.  But the feeling of it is always the same.  I want to live in a place that is built on building it’s people.  That focuses on respect and support of one another.  Where ideas are exchanged.  Where accomplishments are applauded and let downs are made easier by the faces around you.  Someplace where advancement and technology are weighed against what we lose when we accept it and implement it.  I want to live where people matter more than any thing else.  I want to build this village.  I sometimes miss it not being here.

5 thoughts on “Lottery Village

  1. I nominate you for mayor. No. Village elder sounds better. A very wise person whose advice is freely given, not someone who tells people what to do. And I mean elder as in wisdom, not age. Good role for you in the village. I will assistant to the village elder. I know my place.


  2. Colleen, what a wonderful post …. Wow, I want to live in that village too and I will run one of the café and maybe even a little restaurant. I vote for you as Village Elderly too – sound much nicer than mayor. I wish you win the lottery.


    • Thank you Viveka! I should go back and rewrite it. WHen I reread it last night I was horrified by the typos and wording. But…eh….it’s part of the process. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I would visit your cafe daily!


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