Queen Said It

I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike.

Yeah….those of you who know it, sing it!

Today, though chilly, will be a great day to ride.  I hope I actually go and DO IT.  The trees are changing.  It is going to be bright and sunny.  I have the right clothes.   And I want to go ride.  There’s a nice little coffee shop at about mile 13.  I’d like to go there again, and again.  And today.

I need to do some more laundry.  I would really like to get my house cleaner.  I want to work on  a few things I’ve got started here at home.

But what I love to do is ride my bike.  Sometimes I want to get on my road bike and just ride like the wind (that’s a vision I keep in my head so don’t bust my delusion on this one).  Sometimes, though we don’t do this anymore, I like getting on the high wheelers and pretend it is 1886.  Sometimes I like to get on my single speed and enjoy the feeling of being 10 and just riding to be riding, for no reason other than it feels great.

The sad thing is that most days there are way too many reasons that get in the way of riding my bike.  Of course the responsibility of job and family don’t get in the way like I just stated, these must be done and I do not begrudge that-all right damnit, maybe slightly but only rarely!!   But doing the mundane things in life, they get in the way.  You know, like cleaning and doing laundry.  But there is responsibility in doing the mundane also.  I am fairly certain that letting the laundry go so I can go ride would greatly affect my like-ability with friends and co-workers, and David.  I tend to like routine and patterns.  So I can only blame myself.

I think I try to balance out what I should do with what I want to do.  Some people do this well, some people don’t do it at all.  I have seen people who do absolutely nothing they want to do.  Then complain about it, or blame others.  I have seen others who do only what they want to do regardless of what they should be doing and regardless of who is taking care of the responsibilities that they are not.  I want to have control of my own happiness and be happy with my life decisions.

I’ll throw a load of laundry in before we leave.  I’ll pick a few things up.  Save the big cleaning for a rainy day.  I want to ride my bicycle…..oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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