You Know Who You Are!

I get my kid’s names mixed up.  I only gave birth to two daughters so you wouldn’t think it would be difficult to keep track of who is who.  In my defense I have sisters, and many female relatives, and friends, and acquaintances.  So there are lots of names in my head.  Personally I think it is reasonable to get names mixed up.  Though I have gotten so bad at using names at work that I totally renamed a co-worker, and most often when I pass someone in the hall I do not use their name when I say hello because I am afraid I  have it wrong.  Too many names all start with “A” so I get them all mixed up.  Too many names end with the “eee” sound so I get them mixed up. Maybe I need to work harder at paying attention to the moment I am in, instead of constantly being in three different places in my head.

Apparently I sometimes offend my children by getting their names mixed up.  This is not my intent.    My mom did (does) the same thing to us.  Grant it, she had 8 of us and it may be a little more understandable.  But as  mom use to tell us when she would go through five different names and still not hit on the right one: “you know who you are!”   Which takes me to my  wondering  back then why in the world someone who gave birth to me couldn’t get my name straight!  I get it now.  Sorry mom.

And by the way, now that I am reviewing this… I have distinct memories of my kids coming home from school and calling me “Mrs. So and So”, who ever their teacher was for that year.  So hey, kids, cut me some slack!

I might forget your name, but I really do know who you are.  To me.  That’s what counts.  So there.