So much communication every single day.  So much of it wasted, not really needed.   With the overload of communication alot of the important stuff seems to get lost.

So today I started my day paying attention and was richly rewarded.  Twice today I had very kind comments given to me.  One by a very dear friend, and the other by a total stranger.  Each important to me for the message they imparted. 

Between these comments though I am, as are most of you, bombarded with non stop words.  Ironic that you are reading this now, hmmmm?

I am as guilty as the next.  For the most part we have lost the ability to be quiet with one another.  Comfort should be in our silences with one another.  It takes a sound relationship to be with someone and to be quiet with them.  To just sit, or walk, or ride, or be with another in whatever aspect and take comfort from being with them.  Silence should be soft and soothing.  After a day of getting and making phone calls, of talking with coworkers and service people, after serving people all day I take great joy in being quiet and at ease.  At ease in the peace of my home, my car, my yard.  Even if my husband or children are right there. 

I love to talk. I love to listen. I love it when others share their thoughts, hopes, fears. 

There is need for that.

And there is need for silence.  Sometimes letting the silence fill me up, seems to help empty out the busy of life that fills me to over load.

I think I will stop writing here and give you peace and silence…………………..