Dear Brother

I just wanted to take a moment to say a few things.   Thanks being the first thing.  Well, in saying thanks, it may say everything.

I wanted to thank you for being such a hard worker.  And I mean w-o-r-k-e-r.  I remember dad telling me years ago, when we were just teenagers that you were a work horse.  He said it with pride.  I get that.  You have no fear of hard work.  When a project looks a bit overwhelming to us mere mortals, you just get to it.  And get it done.  I admire that.

I wanted to thank you for stepping up to the plate and making sure dad was taken care of when he needed to re-do a weekend cabin in to a full time home.  You did it, you and your wife, every weekend for months.  Without complaint.  With out reward.  It needed done.  You did it.

I wanted to thank you for stepping up to the plate when dad named you and Jim to take care of things after he left us.  You did it.  You are still doing it.   I know dad is proud.  And I know we are always in good hands.

I wanted to thank you for always being strong when one of us needs anything.  Anything.  You give.  You do.  You never stop.

I wanted to thank you for being the most honest person I know.  When most people try to prove they are right.  You try to prove WHAT is right.  You try to determine if you owe, or if someone owes you.  But your objective is to be honest, and if it costs you, then you want to make it right.  If only we all did that, all of the time.

I wanted to thank you for your energy.  Where do you get it?  Just being around you makes me want to climb a mountain, or something!

I guess that is mostly what I wanted to say.  Thank you for being who you are.  Thank you for being what you are.  Thank you for making me (and I am sure others) feel a little safer because you are in my world.

Oh,  and I love you.