Thank A Veteran For Your Day Off

Some of us get a day off today.  I’ve never been in the military.  Though it was on my wish list once.  “To be a veteran”.  Needless to say I would have had to be in the military, serve my country, sacrifice some of my own personal time and comfort, and sign up to be told what to do, where to go, how to do it, and take the chance that my life will be sacrificed to serve and protect my country.

I didn’t do that.  But I still get today off.

I don’t know most of  the politics of the world.  I barely have a grasp on America’s politics.  The only reason I know where Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, or even some of the European countries are, is because Americans went there, at the bequest of their cheif, to help protect the world.  Ours and others.  So most of the time I don’t even grasp the reason our men and women are there.  Other than they are serving us.  Whether I understand it, or agree with it, or don’t agree with it,  support it, or don’t support it, or even fully know where they are… I still get the day off.

If I don’t understand all of the trappings that go along with politics I can grasp one very simple fact.  Men and women, some just boys and girls, sign up for the military every day.  Some sign up to fight the evils of the world, some sign up to see the world, some sign up to help them through college.  But all of them, when they sign up, do so knowing that first and formost they will do what they are told to do in order to protect America.  Me.  So the best thing I can do is be very grateful to those  who for whatever their reason for serving is, they do it.  They leave their families and comfort zones.  They prepare to step in to the battle zone.  Maybe some don’t actually do that.  But they prepare themselves for it, they sign up for it, and they will go if ordered.

But I get today off.

I didn’t do anything to earn this day off.  But I support and appreciate the men and women who wear a uniform and work today.  I can say what I want, do what I want, because America has veterans.  And active duty personnel.  Who stand watch over us. 

Thank you veterans for signing up.  Thank you for loving America.  Thank you for loving me.  Your sacrifice when you sign that paper is the thing I respect and appreciate most.  Your willingness to protect me.

And thank you, for my day off.