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I Love A Moment

What a day!  Full of little bitty wonderful moments.

Started my day like I always do, kiss from David.  Ride my bike.  Do my pushups.  TOAST!    COFFEE!

Once at work I get busy doing some things I want to complete before we have a retreat.   This retreat consisted of all of us bringing a dozen home made cookies and coffee to share while we got updates and information regarding our work.  And it consisted of our bosses sharing a little something about our departments.  But it turned out the bosses program sharing was about us.  And of all of the departments, I have to say, quite immodestly, I got the best show.

It turns out that my boss can sing.  And is willing to do so in front of coworkers and other ‘bosses’.  My boss went from supervising and managing 25 people, to just supervising me.  Lucky her, I know.

I did not quite notice how much she paid attention to what I said to her, until today.  Today she sang a song, and I do feel like I was serenaded, about our past year together.  It was based on the 12 Days of Christmas and she used something I said, to her, over the last year, to represent the 12 verses.  It was, to be totally impartial, brilliant.  She took a difficult time and turned it in to a very positive situation for both of us.  And today, she made light of it, and put it to song.  To me.  For me.  The others heard it, but I know she did this to make me happy.   And it worked.

So I head back to work happy as a serenaded worker can be.  Not to mention someone made some fabulous buckeyes and cookies I had.  Another plus to the day.

While sitting at my desk, my coworker bursts into a Christmas carol.  Just because she was moved to do so.  She apologized and stopped.  I told her to sing away.  I love the idea of life where we burst in to song because we are moved to do so.  Don’t you think this may be a reason why musicals are so popular?  We all want to do it.  So let’s do it.

Then I go to the doctor.  Whilst talking with him he made the comment “how do you stay so thin? You look great.”   Okay, stop, think about this.  I’m 46, I work out every day hoping to not get any bigger and dare to think I might lose a pound or two.  And this guy who sees me once every four years tells me I look great and, he didn’t just say it, yes, he repeated it.  Shudder.  Of joy.  I don’t know for sure how to compare this for you.  It probably compares to Lance getting the yellow jersey, and keeping it the entire Tour, and then standing on the #1 podium at the end of July.  Yeah, it felt that good.  Livestrong, LiveLong, LiveHappy.

I dance my way back to work.

I go home.

And what do you know.  Come on, what could possibly make me happy when I get home?

That’s RIGHT!  The house was CLEAN.

Sorry, I’m a little weepy with happiness right now.

Okay, I’m better.

The only thing I need to make it perfect is “Mamo, here I am” coming in the door at me.  I’m waiting for that.

For anyone not living my life and just watching it in fast forward, or rewind, or just reading it in this blog…. you might not recognize the happiness in my life as much as I do.  And that’s okay.   The point is that I do recognize it.  I love it.  And I live it the best I can.  And when I love a moment, I really love a moment.

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