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A Best Day

The best moment of my day today:   Grace O’Malley answering me in a restaurant when I asked her what she was doing.   Her reply:  “I’m pooping”.    I did ask.

The second best moment was going to deliver more presents to the elderly today and one of the gift getters ushered JS and I in.  She knew me.  And she had joy of her own to share.  She was waiting for her ride to pick her up and take her to the airport.  Her children are flying her out to them, grandchildren and all, to spend Christmas.  With her family.  Her heart was aching from being so over full of happy.  It was great.

The third best moment of the day is right now.  Realizing I have too many great moments in one day to rank them and write them all out.   But they include having someone to have lunch with.   Having someone to talk to at the end of a long and tiring day.  Having someone ask what they can do to help.  Having baby arms wrap around you and say “I love you Mamo”.  Having baby words said that are cuter than when big people say them, even though they mean the same thing.  Though sometimes when the baby says them they don’t mean the same, or even mean any-thing.   Having your mom call to say she just put date bar cookies in the oven for you for Christmas because your brother snuck all the other ones before you could get to them.   Having someone call you and ask you a question while trying to get a surprise gift for someone else.   Yeah, go ahead and wonder who THAT was!   Having a great day and it all be in the interactions with people.

It wasn’t a day of best moments.  It was a best day.  And then she says “Mamo I got you” as I try to post.

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