In Your Face 2010! I Warned You!

So you thought you would sneak right in and attack early did you?

2010 you got nothing on me.

For those of you on the outside looking in at me and 2010, the wrastling has begun!   Sneak attack on 1/4 at approximately 3:35 p.m.  Unacceptable and deplorable behavior if you ask me. 

Decide for yourselves:

I left work at 3:30.   My Fred Flintstone Yaba Daba Doo Time.    That’s right, foot slapping under my desk, happy time.  I bid my good evenings and fare wells to my coworkers.  I walk the three flights down stairs.   It is all about health you know.   And I walk out the back door of the building.  Snow fluffies bursting about.  It’s cloudy and grey.  That’s okay.  Just going to pick up David on the way home and go home.   That was my only plan.  No hustle and bustle.  Just go home.   Eat a little something.  Ride the bike.  Talk with the kids. 

2010, one of the evil even years, struck, no LASHED out.   I walk through the parking lot.   Along the first row of cars.   It’s not great out so there is no hurry.  The snow had covered every inch of the parking lot, evening out the rumples and rocks and dips of the parking lot.   I stepped down.   My foot half in a hole, half out.  But I couldn’t see it.  I felt something sharp and was going forward but my awesome sense of balance tried to hold me up.   I stopped trying to hold the balance and fell, first on my knee and rolled on to my hip.

I rolled over my lunch box.  And right back up.  Yes I cussed.  Yes I hurt.   No I WAS NOT EMBARRASSED!!@!!

By all accounts, mine, it was an incredible display of grace and dignity to roll and jump back up.   Grace.  

But I high tailed it to my car.   To get off of my left foot.  I called my boss.   She felt horrible and was going to come down and check my foot.   Of course I am too tough for that.  Have things to do.   So I head up to pick up David who had walked to the store.  I park at the store and get in the passenger side to wait for him.   I strip off the shoe and sock.  To my curiosity the left ankle bone seems to be a bit larger than I remembered.  I propped it on the dash and seethed.

I will go home and ride my bike.   I will go home and do my TKD.  I will go home and do whatever I want.  

David comes out.   Looks at my foot and doesn’t see anything amiss.   Love the man.  I don’t know if he is blind or trying to help me by psyching out 2010.   He could not seem to pinpoint the large mass coming out of my ankle.  Instead focusing on a mass of muscle and veins that was lower on my foot.   And always been there.   That’s what happens when you bike and do martial arts.  Muscles appear with veins to keep them nourished.

He did not mention Urgent Care, or hospital or X-Ray.   Well damn 2010 than neither am I!!!!

I got home.   I am sure the bruises will appear.   And if they don’t I will be mighty furious.   I put up a good battle and deserve a bruise or two for my efforts.

I told Grace O’Malley I fell.   Her little Queen face fell to sadness immediately and she responded with “you hurt Mamo?” 

Of course not.   A Queen’s Mamo is not easily put down or out. 

Her little expression of sadness was just reinforcement to battle this blasted curse.

So atop my bike I sit as I write this.   I will peddle.  I will peddle.   I.   Will.   Peddle. 

2010 I told you I resigned.   Verbally.   In writing.  In public notice.    I am like the old gunfighter that every young gun wants to do a battle with.

There is no battle.   This year, and all years following, are mine.   In health.   And happiness.   And injury free.