“Technically It’s Broken”


Technically means not really.   Or kinda sorta by today’s verbage.

I took my self to the urgent care today to check the end results of 2010’s sneak attack on me.   Whadaya know.   After three hours of not so urgentness the doctor walks in and states the title of today:   “technically it’s broken”.    And he followed up with “good thing we xrayed it”.   Super nice doctor.  Super nice all of them.   He was so hyper kind that I could not be upset to his face for the incredible amount of do nothing time I spent there today.   I know I know.   I have no idea what was going on else where.    So I will get over my self inflicted feelings of self importance.   I do appreciate their kindness, if not the diagnosis.

It’s technically broken, or, the worst kind of sprain you can have.   What?   Apparently there are three tendons running down to that part of the ankle.   Three tendons connected to bone.  Technically, again, I still have three tendons connected because the tendon is still connected to the bone, it just so happened to pull the bone off of the foot.

Can I still ride my bike?   For all of you who know me, you KNOW that was coming.   And for those of us who did not know the doctor, I think he fell a little bit in love with me when I asked.   Sorry David.   But if anyone understands that, it is David.   The doctor in love rolled very close to me, pulled his glasses down to look over his nose and smiled when I asked that question.   He said “I broke my foot when I was working the emergency room.  I put an air cast on it like I’m going to give you and I went out and ran three miles after work that day”.   My heart grew three, no!  Ten times at that moment!   Another doctor who gets me!   One doctor wrote out a prescription for me saying I should continue to work out after one injury.   ANd my neurosurgeon told me and the non believing surgical nurses that after my neck and back fusions yes I most certainly could ride my trainer.   Good men all!

A nurse and I struggled on  figuring out how to get the aircast to fit inside my shoe.   We are brilliant so we finally made it work.   Once the  aircast is  in place I ask how long I must wear it.   “Until you see the specialist”.   Oh.   I really thought that part was optional.    I see.  Okay then, appointment made.   Things certainly could be worse.

The moral of all of this is, 2010 did take heed of my postings.   Where it thought it would sneak right in and knock me on my arse….I jumped right back up and continued on.   To my car.   In pain.   And to the doctor, to investigate said pain.   And to find out that “technically it’s broken”.  Yeah, can you imagine 2010’s plans until I thwarted them!???  Postivie thinking!!!   Works every time!