Saturdays With George and Johnny

Years ago I use to go to the “farm” with Dad every weekend.  Everyone else for the most part had stopped going there.  I was probably fifteen and older.   On Saturday mornings he would “go to town”.   Doesn’t that sound so antiquated?  I love that.  He would go to town to do whatever it was he did.  Mostly visit the bakery.  I would clean the little house and have the whole place to my self.   Being in a family with 8 children did not often give me the luxury of a space of my own.  A time of my own.  But for a short period of time, every Saturday morning was mine.   Just me.  For the most part I would clean the house and then sit down to watch the old “Superman” TV show.  The one with George Reeves.  I loved that show!  I would get a loaf of bread and a chunk of cheddar cheese.

I would take the crust off of the bread.  I did not throw it away.   You don’t throw food away in a life with 7 siblings.  I would take the square of white bread and wrap it up around a chunk of the cheese.  I have no idea how I came up with this delectable treat, but I did.  I think it should be on menus everywhere.  I loved it.   And I drank Coke.   That’s right, full bodied, full powered Coke.  Bread, cheese and Coke.  The only that changed was the shows changed from Superman with George to  watching the old Tarzan shows that starred Johnny Weissmuller.

I can still see myself sitting in that 12 x 12 living room with the green and white linoleum floor.  Wood paneling.   Stucco ceiling.  Musty farm house smell.  And Tarzan.  Or Superman.   And bread cheese balls that I could eat like little apples.  I can still see me too.  Long hair.  Loooooooooooooooooong hair.  I was pretty buff.   I was working out at the health spa that Dad cleaned as a second job to support all of us.   I loved to lift weights.  When I weighed less than 150 I benched my max of 185.   I think I’d of done a lot more if I had stuck with it.   But I digress.   I started thinking about the cheese and bread balls earlier today.

I like thinking about those days.   I don’t know why.   Today I know  I like thinking about it because I want some bread and cheese balls I can eat like apples.   I can’t because I haven’t eaten since yesterday and can’t eat until tomorrow.   So of course everything I think of today is in some way associated with food.  Which are very pleasant thoughts for me.  Isn’t it funny how clearly something that simple sticks in our heads?   It was such a simple way to spend a Saturday morning.   But so pleasant.

So many years ago and still makes me happy.  I hope everyone has memories like that.   If you do, you should share them.