He Must Have Answered the Call

I don’t usually post about a dream.  But I don’t always focus on my dreams, I have them, usually forget about them or mention them to David and forget about them.

But last night was a dream I want to remember.

I went to Ireland.  I was in a pub.  But I was outside.  But then I had to go outside to make a phone call.  I asked if anyone had any “p”s which is what I was calling the Irish money.  I was not referring to pounds because I was in the Republic of Ireland, not the North.  So I went outside to make a call to the Irish relatives to let them know I was there.  The folks in the pub had started asking my name.  Then I heard someone say “Colleen Faherty Brown is here” and I turn and there are the Irish cousins.

And in their midst…. dad!

He was smiling.  He hugged me and said “you said we weren’t doing presents right?”   I agreed.  Then we were all walking up this very long rickety looking winding stairway to get in to Ireland.  I was being hugged and kissed by the cousins.  It was a joyous reunion.

I don’t think I’ve dreamt about dad in the eleven years he has been gone.  Not enough to remember it anyway.  But I remember this dream.  

The best part of the dream is turning around and seeing this group of people in motion.  And behind a few them there was dad.  Smiling.  Happy.   Or pleased?  It felt happy and good.  

Isn’t that what dreams are all about?