You’re My Favorite Today!

Every day I find myself experiencing something funny, or touching, or astounding.   Someone says something to make me laugh.  Or make me feel good about myself.  Or make me think carefully about what I am doing or saying.   Kind of like what a guardian angel would do.

And because of this,  every day I try to tell someone “you’re my favorite today!”.    And it makes them smile. 

I’ve told this to my friends, my co-workers, a couple of different nurses, a couple of different doctors.   People who are helping me on the phone with business, or personal matters.  People who have stepped in to my life for a brief stay and exited just as quickly for whatever it is they are doing for me, with me, because of me. 

I told a hair sylist because she told me I had the spikey personality to go with my hair.

I told  a doctor because he wanted to know how I stayed so thin, and was perfect!

I told a lady on the phone who gave me information to help an elderly client.   I’ve done this many a times.

I told a co-worker who helped me when they had their own work to do.

I told a clerk in a store who took extra time to help me and didn’t make me feel like a moron.

I’ve told it to a lot of people.   And the best part?  Their reaction.   More often than not they burst in to a smile and stop their constant motion and say “me?”  or “really?”  or “why?”.   I always tell them why.   I mean, how many of us go through a day without being anybody’s favorite?  Or if we really want to be reflective, how many of us go through a day not deserving to be some one’s favorite.

It’s not the same as me and my siblings who think we are all our parent’s favorites.   We all know who that really is.   Shhhhh.    I just like to recognize the things people do in this world that maybe go unnoticed, or unacknowledged because of the busy-ness of our days.  The crazy and crisis of our world.  The little things that we do for each other.   They do matter.   My best moments in life are never when I am alone.   These moments always include someone else.  

And, I need to work harder at being somebody’s favorite, every day.

Just something I think about.