Happy Birthday Henry!

We celebrated the birth of our father, grandfather, great grandfather and great great grandfather last night.

100 years ago Henry was born.   Henry married.  Henry and Bea had 12 children.  The children are still being born.  Henry is still being revered and loved.  Henry changed this world.  If Henry had not married Bea.   If Henry and Bea had not produced 12 children.   Stop and think about all of the lives that would have been altered.   Kind of like the “It’s A Wonderful Life”  effect.   Remove every descendent of Henry’s from the picture.   What would you have?   What would be different?  Think of all of the lives, works, schools, churches, friends who’s world’s would be totally different.  Thousands of people would be affected without us.  Think for one minute, of the changes and impact on this world if you took Henry, and all of his descendants out of the world as you know it.    Shudder.

So that means thousands of lives  and worlds are affected and effected by Henry’s existence.

When another Henry stood on the table with yet a third Henry, he pulled our generations together.  Everyone there who has DNA connection.  Even if their lives are not shared because of distance both physical and generational, there will always be the shared ascent to Henry.   He toasted the man whom we all love.   We toasted his greatness.  And what was his greatness?  He loved us.  And we love him.

His hat was placed upon every descendant there and our picture taken with a little piece of Grandpa.  His sweater was there walking amongst us.   His cigars were smoked so we could all smell that memory again.   Anyone who hugged Grandpa is likely to have that olfactory recall every time you smell a pipe or cigar.   It’s a Grandpa smell for me.    And in truth if you turned your head quick enough you could almost believe he was right there if you caught one of his kids faces in profile or one of his grandkids.  You can see him on their faces.

Happy Birthday Henry!!  Thanks for having us!

Thanks for bringing us all together.