Damn Chair(s)

Chairs should not make such a big difference in our lives.

Yes, they have.

In mine anyway.  The weekend before Thanksgiving and all the week up until Thanksgiving, I sat alot in my very nice recliner.  I love that chair.  Yet by Thanksgiving I was in so much pain I could barely walk.  I ended up at Urgent Care the day after with horrible muscle spasms.  I went home, thinking I need to sit in my chair and relax.  Stupid, stupid, stupid idea.  I figured it out.    Funny enough, or not so funny really.  It was and is the chair.  I told David it was the chair.  I have been sitting on a straight stool, or adirondack chair ever since.   So he started sitting in my chair because he likes its “location” in the room better.   He just wanted to take it is all.  For real.   So I would sit in  David’s recliner because he abandoned his with undue reason.     Now, what do you think David says to me after over taking my chair?  His back hurts.  He thinks its the chair.   I knew it.  I told him.  That’s why I did not sit in it.


It’s lopsided.  It does not look lopsided.  You can’t even tell just by sitting in it.  It’s off just enough that the long sitting in it effects a muscle in your back.

Go ahead, who wants to try it next?

Fast forward to today.

Today I am using a different chair at work.  Looks the same as my other work chair.  But it is related to my recliner.  I knew it did not feel the same.  I seemed to be sliding out of my chair all day.  I have to type and be on the phone a lot.  By nature it is more comfortable for me to sit very straight.  But even though I prefer to sit very straight, I sometimes like to lean, without slouching, against something.   Anyone who sits at a desk a lot knows how tiring this can be.  So I would start out sitting up, the next thing I know I am sliding out of my chair.  So I scoot back up.  Slide back down.  Scoot back up.  Slide back down.  Get the annoying repetitiousness to this?  The chair is not designed well enough for me to lean. It is designed to make me mad.

After an or so of doing this I find myself with my feet planted firmly on the floor.  Butt shoved to the back of the chair.  Back arched at a  ridiculous angle and a fear of moving too fast and landing on my ass on the floor.  With two hours left to quitting time my “technically broken” to “it’s broken” foot is KILLING ME.   My back is spasming.  My legs feel like I did a 5k which I have not ever done so you know what that would feel like.  That’s right….crap.

I could barely walk out of the office today.  And I am extremely ashamed to admit that I used the elevator today.


Damn chairs.