Remember Me This

Who’s got a “first” memory?

I have no idea what mine would be.  I don’t think I “remember” a lot of childhood.   I remember lots of people (also known as siblings) and lots of extended family.  But I don’t recall specific memories.

Now I watch Grace O’Malley.  Her little highness gives me memories nearly every day.  She is funny.  Smart.   Today she said “oh God” and I prefer to think it was a prayer and not an exasperation.   I asked her if she was praying.  She said no.

I will remember these days.   Will she?

When do we first start to remember stuff?

I find it hard to believe these people who remember stuff from their cribs.  I can’t remember stuff from when I was ten!  If you have a “first memory” you should share it with me, and every one else.

The only thing I can figure out about being in a big family is that life was busy, chaotic, and I was ‘aware’ of life but not necessarily paying attention to it.  You know, the way kids just go on their merry way.  Living haphazardly and all.

Putting myself to task, I am trying to go backwards.  I have an unpleasant memory from first grade.  First day.  Mom sent me to school.  I entered the classroom from an outside entrance that opened right on the playground.  I walked in and the teacher asked who I was, I told her.  She YELLED at me.   Yes, she did.   Told me I was there on the wrong day.   All these little kids were looking at me.  I’ve never been the same since.  She scarred me.  I left.  I wasn’t allowed to cross the street alone.   I walked down the street and leaned on an orange post, across the street from my Grandmother and Grandfather’s house.  It was so far away.  I was leaning on the post for the bus stop.   Thank God one didn’t stop and pick me up.   I was too cute to just leave there.  Fortunately brother Patrick found me and took me home.   That teacher was evil.   How do you yell at a scared little kid in the wrong place.   So going backwards from there…. I have some memories of preschool.   Catholic preschool.  But I had to of been four.   Is that an early memory or was I too old for it to count as an early memory?  I remember one of the teachers getting hurt, or burnt, or something.  They were nuns.  She had a head dressing on.  But a skirt and a white blouse.  So it must have been after Vatican II.  Isn’t that when nuns stopped wearing the full habits?   Anyway, she got burnt while cooking or something.  She came through with a steak on her face or chest, or whatever had been burnt/hurt, and the blood from the steak was on the white blouse.   I know I was in preschool and not kindergarten because my brothers Tim and Jim were there.  And they were one year older than me.  And there were only the two grades.   So I was maybe four.   And from that same time, I remember the bus driver picking Tim and Jim and I up on his way to work.  In his car.  A Cadillac.  He chauffered us in his Caddy.  Sweet.  I don’t remember a lot about that.  But I remember sitting in a huge seat.  I think it was the back.

Sweet huh?

And I remember graduating from kindergarten.  I was Little Miss Muffet.   I am fairly certain I did her justice.

Share me a memory.  A first memory.  Your first memory of life.   What is it?