Here I Go!

I just started reading a book.  It’s an adventure book.  It’s real.  It’s a man who spent four years walking around the world.  He did this in the eighties.  I mean I just started reading it.  I know better.  Because right now I want to go to Brooks Shoes in Nelsonville and get two pairs of good walking/hiking shoes.  One pair surely won’t do it.  I need a sturdy but light weight back pack.  I need to be careful about what I pack.  I need to get a map of where I want to go.  I’ll start from my front door, walk to mom’s, then up through Columbus and Canton to say howdy to the aunts and uncles who adore me so!    🙂    Oh yeah, and you have to feed me because I will have to rely on the generosity and courtesy of people along the walk.  I can’t be carrying all of the food I intend to eat along the way.  Stock up people.

My house library is full of books of adventure.  True adventure.  True lives.  A man who rode his high wheeler around the world.  That’s right, back in the day!  In the 1800’s!  Other biking and walking adventures all across this great big old earth.  I never thought I was an adventurer.  But these books are killing me!  I want to pack up the panniers, strap on the back pack.  Run for the door!  Jump on the bike.  Go go GO!!!!  One of the first books that I read,  of walking the world for adventure was assigned to me by a college instructor.  The book was Peace Pilgrim.   Incredible book.  I don’t want to spoil it for you, so go get it and read it.   Another one is Hey Mom, Can I Ride My Bike Across America? by John Seigel Boettner.   Or Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage.  After you read the books, Google these good people and discover what happens after.

I won’t tell you what happens after.   But it reminds me to do things I want to do.  Go ahead and dream.  Go ahead and LIVE your dream.  Or at least part of it.  Or at least have fun dreaming about it.

I have many many more books about these great things.  If ever I get slumpy or moody all I need to do is read one of them, or find a new one.  My heart starts thumping.  Adrenaline starts pumping.   Mood enhancer.  Life lifter.

The next few days are going to be tough.  Picture this:   me riding my exercise bike, reading this adventure book.  Pedaling faster.   Trying to get where he is going.   I put the book down, I’m all sweaty and stinky.  I want to go pack and go.  And to be honest I would likely jump on a bike for my adventure instead of walk.  That’s okay, it’s okay… It’s the adventure of going on my own power.  Walking, riding my bike, paddling my kayak…. whatever.  Ride, read, GO.  No, don’t go.  Can’t go.   Lots to do here too.   Get those things done for the day.   Go to bed and dream, sleep.   Get up, ride, read the book, pedal faster.  Get off the bike.  Sweaty and stinky.  I want to pack and go.   REPEAT.

This makes me happy!

Because even if I don’t go.  I know I can.  I could.  I might.

Oh, his name is Steven M Newman and he wrote Worldwalk.