Ice Cream For Dinner At Mamo’s

Sometimes lessons are not easily come by.   We just can’t get them.   Or they pass us by totally.   Then there are lessons that manage to penetrate our consciousness, and we learn great, or happy things.  Some of them are easy, some take longer to learn.   Some I can’t believe I didn’t learn a little bit quicker.    Like today’s little lesson:  it’s okay to have ice cream for dinner.   And pizza for dessert.  Why not?  Who’s it going to harm?   Not me.   Not the Queen.   Though it did do some damage to the princess shirt she wore until we took it off.

Make time for friends.  Everything is better when people share the wealth of happiness and joy.   What’s the saying?   What is the one thing you get more of when you give it away?   Yes, love, that’s it.

Most people want to help.  With something.  For others.   They enjoy the good feeling it gives them, when giving to others.

Most people want to love.  Live.  Share.  Be happy.  Experience.  Have WOW moments.   Have peaceful moments.  Most people want full lives.   Maybe the definition of “full” is different.   But they all have it defined in themselves, somehow.

Family is great!  You might feel stuck with them sometimes,  but guess what?  They are stuck with you too!!

I love a good lesson from life.  I love a good feeling from life.  I love that I can have ice cream for dinner.  Pizza for dessert.   And people to learn from.

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