Little Man Pleasant Man

Saturday.  Teach the little kids TKD day.   Sometimes I miss teaching adults.  But I love teaching the kids.  It’s Saturday morning and half of them come in and you’d think they were still wearing their pajamas they look so sleepy.  The other half are those blessed creatures who have nothing but full on energy around the clock.   I am envious of this.   Hugely envious.  I wish I only had to sleep a few hours a day and had nothing but energy to spare.  Sadly, this is not the case.

All of the kids, sleepy or rocket fueled, seem to love the class.  But today there was less than five minutes until I bowed them in.   Only one little man was there.  The other students had not arrived.  I asked him if he wanted to warm up with the other class and then he and I would work out with his requirements.   He smiled and said that was just fine!  It was his first class in the “bigger kids” class.   He had been in the smaller kids class.  But after class last week I spoke with he and his father.   He was geared up and ready to join my class.  The ‘big’ class.   He was ready to be taught something, go home and practice, come back and learn more.  Then no one else shows up.   His little face never fell or appeared let down.    I said to him “you don’t mind do you?”    With the pure charm of a much older and dapper Hollywood type he says “I don’t mind at all!”    Smiles, and goes right back to his ‘old’ class to warm up.   Oh my heart!  I just loved his attitude and his smile and his happiness!   Then in the last 2 minutes EVERYONE for my class shows up.   I hustle over to him and tell him let’s go back to my class.

Same expression.   Same joy.

Same little pleasant man.

Makes Saturday morning teaching so incredible.