It Just Felt Good

A comfortable day.  Spent mostly at home.  Riding.  Reading.  Found another sweet Irish author to get lost in.   John McGahern.  Check him out some time if you are in to Irish authors or good books.   I did some TKD and some weights.  Well, I’m not suppose to “lift” weights so I just “do” weights.

Yes, there is a difference.   It being, this is how I choose to make it okay in my head.

Not wanting to totally hibernate we met the little Queen and her mother in town at Subway.  The best Sandwich Artist in town made us a scrumptious Subway feast.

And as most well know it has been a snow fest here in Ohio for most of the past month plus.  So after eating at Subway we threw caution to the wind and went to the cemetery for some fast walking.  It was melting all day but I suspect we will see remnants of snow for quite some to come.  But the best part about the cold walk today?  It felt great to be able to go outside, breath, walk, and feel fresh air without the bite of the wicked wind.  The sting of flinging ice pellets.  Or the snow pushing its way through your pant legs with every step.   The pavement was actually visible.  The cold just cold enough to make you want to walk a little faster.

Unfortunately we waited too long  in the day to do much more than a lengthy lap.    It of course made me eager for a bike ride.  Eager for sunshine.  Bike shorts.  Sandals.  Heat.  Eager.  But patient.  Because it was pretty awesome to get out in the cold too.  Something neat about doing that.  The cold its self isn’t necessarily what has kept me inside.  The snow and ice has been so deep and continual I didn’t want to risk twisting an already, and still fresh, broken ankle.   So most of the winter I played it safe and stayed in for all forms of exercise.  And though I like a quiet day,  sometimes it’s too quiet.   So out we went.  We started our hearts beating.   Felt some muscles moving.  Sucked in gobs of fresh air.  Even appreciated the untouched snows of the cemetery.

Back in the car.  Flushed cheeks.  Heater on.

Life is good.