The Noise Makes it Quiet

The wind is howling!  Blowing like it’s cursing at us!    It would be enjoyable to listen to if it didn’t carry the threat of ripping off the shingles or siding or blowing a tree over on the roof!  Well, there is fifty tons of snow on the roof so maybe the shingles are safe.  But the way the wind is blowing I can’t be sure the snow is still on the roof.

The house is eerily quiet with the wind blowing outside.    Probably because it is so quiet inside.  There is not the hustle and rushing of the next generation, and the one after that, rushing up and down the steps.  Stomping across the floor (because they do not know how to walk).   There is no one at the bottom of the steps yelling “MAMO!  Here I come!”  and if Mamo doesn’t answer “PO!  Here I come!”.  And if Po doesn’t answer  “NENNIE!”  “HOOTIE”!    There aren’t two or three different dinners being prepared and eaten.   Which means there are no great smelling soups or pasta or meat dishes being prepared for me to enjoy the smell of.    There isn’t any yelling for someone to get out of the bathroom.    There aren’t any bursts of laughter coming from the down stairs apartment.  Or the other room at the end of the house.    Everyone is again scattered because of the weather and/or working.

My thoughts are wondering back and forth between the enjoyment of a quiet evening.   When you don’t have them all of the time, you kind of enjoy them don’t you?  But if you have this ALL of the time, what will it feel like?  I am pretty sure I won’t suffer the empty nest syndrome once every one is through with schooling and getting set up in their own place.  I think if anything it will motivate me to go out and do more.  There won’t be as much going on at home.  So if I want noise and excitement I’ll have to go find the Queen and her little baby sister to join their noise where ever it is.  I could even visit with their parents.  Maybe they’ll have some S.I.L.P. there for me.  Or I could go to Nennie and Hootie’s when they get their place.  Nennie will want me to come in and watch a movie with her.  I’m pretty sure of this.

I don’t think I’ll be sad when they move on.  I’ll be happy for them to be starting that part of their lives.  Maybe a little melancholy.  But how can I be sad when the excitement of first homes, growing family, and their own adventures will be filling their lives?  I want that for them.   The thrill of life with every new step and new direction.

Tonight is kind of a preview of what it will be like for us here.  It’s nice.  It’s peaceful.  It’s windy and howling.  It’s loud out there.

It’s pretty quiet in here.