Who Dunnit?




At my house.  This Saturday.

I’m very excited.

You probably question the murder part of this even if you accept mayhem as enjoyable.   But I tell you the truth, I am excited about the murder component also.

I happen to belong to a premier murder mystery troupe.   This troupe performs murder mystery dinner theater.  At my house.  How fun is this going to be?   I use to think I was fairly creative.  At least in my head if not with actual skills.  But Lady Sampson?   She has me beat in all regards.  She can play a mean tamborine (I think I spelled this wrong), she can draw, she can produce some darn funny one liners, she can scrap book, and she can create a mystery dinner theater as a fun event for many of us.

How creative is this?   Would you have thought of it?  No?  Me either.   But I am looking forward to it.  I love out side of the box thinkers.  She wanted fun.  So she is creating it.

And she is cooking the dinner!