With A Little Help From My Friends….

I manage to get things done.

I have these grand ideas.  And even if they never come to fruition my friends believe in me.  Support me.  Help me.  Assist me.  Uh… and actually end up doing a lot for me, or the idea its self.

I feel bad for all of the doers and innovators and inventors and creators all through history who didn’t have friends like my friends.

One idea is getting closer to at least being completed.    The work to initiate a program has been going on for quite some time.  I love my idea.  But I love my friends who have done so much to help me get this stuff together.   Every one needs to stay tuned.   There will be things for you to see and do coming shortly.  But here is a disclaimer:   I may look stupid in some parts of the up coming “things to see” part of this project.   But I sacrificed my humility and desire to not look like a dork to motivate others.

You’ll see.

Just please remember I only did this for all of you.

And I appreciate all of the hard work of those who helped me.

I hope it works.  On a small scale.  A large scale.  A ginormous (I quote Lady Sampson) scale.  And if it doesn’t work, or get off the ground, or go anywhere other than my blog and a few embarrassing other places?   That’s okay too.   The help my friends gave me was worthy of the project alone.   People giving their time and energies and ideas was pay off.

Thanks for being my friends.