The Queen and I

I’m going to go visit Grainne Ni Mhaille.

She might not be aware of me.

But I will be fully aware of her.  I’ve been to her home before.  One of them.  And I’m going back.  I hope when I get there it’s like it was before.  No one else was there.  We had the entire castle to ourselves.

I’m going to go there and look out the window from the concrete ledge purported to be her bed.    I’m going to sit in that castle, on the upper floor,  and imagine it the way it was.  When the Queen was there.   Not me, the other Queen.  While her fighting men and staff were downstairs she ran her world from above.

I’m going to be where she was.  Stand where she stood.  Sit where she sat.  And try with every power of my imagination skills to be in her place for one second.   For that second I will be Queen of that castle.  Queen Mhaille.  And from that second I hope to absorb a fraction of her strength and courage.  And when I return to being me, incorporate it in to my own being.

I hope she’s ready for me.

Because I am preparing to visit.