There are so many people that walk in and out of our lives.   We go to work.  We go to school.  We go to social functions.  The majority of people we pass by in our lives are never more than that, a passer by smiling, or nodding, or saying hello, or totally ignoring you.  Think of the thousands that you pass by on a weekly basis.  Driving by.  Walking by.  Riding your bike by.  You don’t know names or stories.  You don’t know a thing about that person but for where they are at that moment.

So it is for all of us.

But some people walking in your life, stay.

One evening  five years ago three young girls walked in to my TKD class.  High school kids trying something new.  Challenging themselves.  Stepping out in to the world.

And in to my life.

They were my students.  And over time have become my teachers.   They were, and are, a trio of wonderful friends.   Their paths will go in so many directions and encompass so many experiences.  They share these with me.  They love me.  They love my family.   They are my friends.

They make me laugh.  And think.  And wonder.  I am excited about where they are going.  Because I know they will share their experiences with me.  I am excited about what they will be doing.  Because I know whatever it is they do will better this world in some way.

They are musical of spirit.  And they play music for me.

Hundreds of students walked through my dojang doors.  I don’t recall them all.  But I clearly see them walking in.  Standing together.  Looking hopeful and eager, a little unsure.   I remember talking to them.  I remember hoping they would stick it out.  Give us a try.  And they did.  I had no idea on that evening that they would be this much a part of my life.

In the brief amount of time the three of them have together any more, they make sure to include me.  See me.  Talk to me.  Catch me up.

Five years ago it was TKD.  Uncertainty.  Tonight it was dinner.  Familiarity.

For all of the people that walk in to, and out of, my life.  For all of the people that circle around and never step in.  For all of the people that pass me by.   How did I get so lucky to have three wonderful young world changers pick me and my life to walk in to, and stay?