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Where’d The Time Go?

The husband, the good man himself, is spending time with college buddies.  This makes me happy.  That people stay connected twenty, thirty, forty years out.  There’s just something phenomenal about being with someone you can say “remember when” to and thats all it takes.  People who are part of your character and your personality fiber.   Because they helped you or watched you learn and live your life lessons.  Connections.    Then, to give me my own phenomenal feeling I hear from one of my high school ‘buddies’ asking about us getting together in April.  This makes me happy.   My own connections.   Though I will not for one minute contemplate that we have been out of high school for twenty years.  Or that we have been out of high school for NEARLY thirty years.

Twenty nine years?

What the hell?  What the hell?

For any of you who are in high school, or just out of high school, or just in to your twenties.   Take a second.  Tell yourself, right now, man that seems SO far away to me.  Because in a blink of an eye your going to be looking at a picture or talking to an ‘old’ friend and say “oh my God, I have been out of high school twenty years and I remember when Colleen said to think about it and it seemed so far away”.   The next thing you will ask yourself is “WHERE THE HELL DID TWENTY YEARS GO?”  Just a second ago you were reading my blog and now you are in 2030 and twenty years older.  And hey, by the way, I wonder what Colleen is up to, I better go read her blog today.

You think I’m kidding?  You wait.   It will happen.  That fast.  Twenty years.

Just a piece of advice….don’t wish away your life.  Don’t wake up on Monday and wish it was Friday.  Don’t go to work at 8 a.m. and wish it was 4 p.m.   Drag it out.  Slow it down.  Revel in the slow and dragging moments.  Because no matter how slow they seem to be passing as your looking at that clock waiting for quitting time or the weekend, when you look behind you?  The time is building up so fast behind you it’s pushing you quicker and quicker to the other end.

And who wants to get there any quicker?

You know what?  I had not even intended to blog about this.  But there you have it.

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