Mixed Bag Kind of Happy Day

I had a rare day today.   A day without the husband.  I did a few things I seldom ever do.  I went and taught my TKD class.  That’s not rare.  But it is rare to be there without David.  Then I stopped to eat at Subway where the best Sandwich Artist in town had a sub waiting for me.  Just how I love it.  I sat at a table and ate by myself.  That, was rare.   I never go IN a restaurant and sit purposefully in a booth and eat by myself.  If’ I’m by myself I will just eat in the car, or wait until I get home.  Then I go home and clean out the car.

Well past due.  My car was hating on me because of all of the accumulated filth inside.  I think there is understanding for the muck and mud on the outside, but it is not appreciated on the inside.  Again, rare.  I use to clean my car weekly.  Since David rides with me to most every place it has not gotten cleaned as much.  He sees vehicles as transporters.  Period.  Nothing more.  You don’t baby or treasure a vehicle.  Fine.  But I don’t care for the filth that surrounds me when I plop in to my car.  So he’s gone for the weekend, car gets cleaned.   Then, get this, I went shopping.

Yes.  I did.

Lady Sampson and Sir Tyler picked me up and took me where ever I wanted to go.  Which of course means we started at Tim Horton’s.  Then we went shopping.  What I got isn’t important.  It’s just rare that I (again) purposefully choose to do this.   But I did.  Done.  Went to a couple of stores even.

Then, we went out to eat.  Not so rare.  But the fact that I let myself off the hook on the healthy eating was again rare.  Or at least to be this carefree about it.  We went to IHOP.  ON PURPOSE!   I got a healthy for me omelet with fake eggs, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes.  It was very good.  But on top of that.  Well, that would be gross, in addition to the omelet I got a serving of THREE nutella crepes.   With bananas.

Savor that for a second.

Do not savor this:  our waitress was telling us about the craziness of the day.  A party of three adult couples ate there earlier.  She was getting their bill, told them she was getting their bill.  The bill came to one HUNDRED and forty five dollars.  They were raising all kinds of havoc and complaining about taking the bill so long.   Personally I’m already questioning the amount of food they had to have consumed.  There were 3 of us and our bill was 1/3 of that and only because I got 2 dishes.  I was gluttonous.  They had to have ordered a LOT.  They got twenty dollars taken off of the bill because of their complaining it was taking so long to ring it up.   Then they WALKED OUT ON THE BILL.   And the manager did not pursue it!   We discussed it amongst ourselves.  And decided these people planned on this.  Whether they liked how long it was taking or not, they ate all of that food and should have paid for it.  What kind of arrogance does it take to do that.   Knowing who is going to carry the brunt of that.  That’s right, the poor woman trying to pacify 6 arrogant, entitled pieces of work.


Some people give people a bad name.

Once we left we headed to the bike trail.  Surprise!  Didn’t see that coming did you?  Being all of 45 degrees and sunny out we wanted to hit the trail.  We didn’t have bikes.  But we had shoes on.  And I wanted to see the new bridge I had been told was installed.  Which will add some length to this new little trail.  So we hiked on out.  What a beautiful walk.  We came across so many deer.  And the funny thing was, I think those deer were stalking us.  The hid behind trees watching us.  They pretended to run away but then they would hide behind trees and watch us walking.  It was very exhilarating.   Almost like we were the prey.

And we weren’t the only ones anxious to use the trail.  There was snow all through the grass still.  But there was a dad and about 3 kids out on the trail.   Rosy red cheeks.  And in line skates.   The dad made it to the top of the itty bitty hill.  Which is not itty bitty when you have never been on in line skates.  One walked up in the snow along the side.  One was on a bike.  And one was on his hands and knees trying to crawl up the hill.  They looked exhausted.  But so very happy to be out there.   The dad said it was their first time on the skates.   They did look shiny and new.   I gave the little guy on his hands and knees a hand up and pulled him up the hill.   They thanked us and we walked on.  When we turned around later the skaters had ended up in the snow, not being able to take the down hill and know how to stop.  It was good thinking on their part.   When they veered off the path in to the snow it made for a softer landing and the cold gave them instant icing for any injuries.   Happy skating family.   Sweet.

We got to the bridge.  Over a burbling brook.  We were very pleased with the bridge.  Very pleased with ourselves for choosing to exert ourselves.  Very pleased with the pleasantness of the entire day.

Another rare moment of the day.   I’m sitting in my house.  Alone.  No one else is here.  It’s quiet.  And though I sometimes think I yearn for this.  I quickly get my fill of it.   Maybe that’s why it is so rare.  A moment alone satisfies me.