Why The Pain?

While getting ready for work today we heard about the shootings at OSU.   At the maintanence building.  We knew Ashley’s boyfriend worked at OSU, and possibly for that department.  All we knew were 3 people were shot.  One was dead.  All I could picture was Ashley had gone to see Andy at work and they were both hurt or worse.  Yes.   That is what went through my head.  Why is it we immediately fear the worst?  Because we are losing trust in our world.  In one another.  But we are handed reasons for this every single day.

I know calling someone at 5:45 a.m. is not a nice thing to do.   I dispensed with manners and called.  I called Ashley and left her a voice mail.  I was hoping she was still sleeping.  And that’s why she did not answer.  But I knew Andy worked nights.  So this did not make me feel better.

Ashley did call me later and let me know they were fine.

I relaxed.

Then I felt terrible.

Some body lost a loved one to a horrible act of violence.  Some body went to work yesterday and did not come home today because it is becoming more common for this sort of thing to happen.  It is more common that people snap.  People have mental health issues that go untreated or even unrecognized.  Or they choose not to treat the problem.  Whatever the reason, someone died.  Whether I knew them or not.  Somebody’s life is affected every day by someone else choosing to be violent.  Someone did not get the chance to live out their life according to their life plan.   Someone else intersected their path and took it away.

I am so sorry for the families affected by today’s violence.