Just Because

Wouldn’t it be nice if we sometimes just took a moment to tell someone how wonderful they are?

Sure it would.

Let’s try it.  Everyone.  Just pick someone.  Anyone.  And say something nice.

Nessie.  I love you.

I love how much you love your nieces and nephews.  I love that they are important to you.

I love it when you laugh.

I love your discipline and effort at your job.  I am so proud that you take your job seriously and do the best you can.

I love that you went out and got a second job because there are things you want.   So you are putting forth effort to work for what you want.  Again, I am so proud of you for this.

I love that you are stubborn.   Even when you are wrong.    🙂

I love that you are gentle.

I love your sensitivity and know that you try to hide it.

I love that you love me even though I am not perfect.

I love that we have our own saying that starts with “Who loves you?”

I love that you are who you are.

I love that you are my daughter.