Good Day Today

Happy Tuesday everyone.

I hope it’s a better day than yesterday.

The sun’s going to shine for a little bit.

I am wearing sandal’s.  I know.  It’s only March 16th.  But the sun will be out.  I have new Shape Up Sandals and by golly I am wearing them.  It makes me feel good to do something this little that makes me happy.

I hope everyone does something little for themselves.  Get an ice cream cone.  Sit down and relax for five minutes.  Or twenty.   Call a friend.  Take a nap.  Get out something green to wear for tomorrow.  Dance with a child.   Look at pictures of your hair do from twenty years ago.    Do something, anything, that makes you smile a little bit.  Tell someone you love them.  Tell someone they make you laugh.  Try to make someone else laugh.

And if I hope today is better than yesterday.  You know what’s coming.  That’s right.  I hope today isn’t as good as tomorrow.