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Hugs To My Daughter (OR-Pizza Doesn’t Have To Be Common)

Pizza and salad.  Friends and flowers.  Talking and laughing.

Last night my house had me.  Husband.   Family.  Friends.  The above mentioned food.  The above mentioned flowers.  You get the picture.

People coming together to enjoy one another.  And to lift the spirits of one of us.

How much better can life get?   Sure, perhaps the one of us needing our spirits lifted, not needing spirits lifted would have made it better.  Or not.  Would we have gathered like that last night?  Maybe gathered, but not like that.

When we make an effort to do something special for someone else, it has that extra quality of love in it.  Pizza may sometimes be common any more.  But pizza with love and concern makes it all together special.

Thank you to those of you who reached out.  Thanks to those who brought floral to my decor.  Pizza to my table.  Hugs to my daughter.

Thanks for all of the friendship.  From all of you who have reached out.  Gone out of your way to say hello.  Texting to say thinking of you. Posting I love you’s. Creating art for friendship.  Going out of your way to check on her and tell her hi.

Thanks for filling my home.  Thanks for surrounding her with pizza and flowers.

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