What an endearing little moment today.  I purchased a cute  little plate, bowl and water bottle with Dora on them  for the Queen.  So she and I were at the kitchen sink to wash them so she could use them.  I washed and rinsed and she started to dry.  But even at 2 she realizes that this is not something she wants to do.  But we persevere and Mamo gets it done.

Of course with new eating utensils one must eat.  We decided on cereal.   She pulled a stool up next to Po and sat at the table awaiting to be served.  I got her some of Nennie’s cereal (don’t tell) and after I poured her milk and cereal I turned around to put the cereal away and as I flipped the box to flip the lids shut about ten cereals (plural) plopped out and on to the floor.

Of course the easiest thing to do was say “oh dammit”.

And just to make sure there was enough emphasis the Queen chimed in with “oh dammit”.