Sitting In Subway

How do we fall out of touch with people?

Sitting in Subway today in walks an “old friend”.  I haven’t seen her in years.  She looks great.  She sat with us awhile and caught us up to date with her life and showed me pictures of her boys.  So handsome!  Both of my daughters were there.  She hadn’t seen my “baby” since she was a toddler.  Now she is 19 and all womanly like.  My “oldest” is a mom and a mom to be.

Where did our lives go?!

Watching her facial expressions.  Listening to her voice.  It was just like we had never lost that connection.  She was picking up lunch for others and though she sat with us for almost half an hour she still had to take the lunch.  I hope none of them had  toasted subs.  I didn’t want her to leave.  I wanted to sit there and talk and thoroughly catch up.

How do we go from talking to someone.  Having them so entrenched in our lives.  And then, they aren’t.  We aren’t.  How do we go in and out.  Or just out, of each other’s lives?   That’s rhetorical.  I know how.  But it amazes me still.  We have all of these connections and because of job changes.  Or marriages.  Or divorces.  Or moving.  Or whatever.  We lose touch.

It was nice to be in touch with her again.