Daily Archives: March 24, 2010

Quarters, dimes, nickels….

I like the idea, and the possibilities, of change.

I do not like the reality of change.

I like that I can do things differently.   But I don’t like if I have to change.

I get excited when I dream about things that could be.   I get bummed when I think of things I must do differently.

I’m contemplating so many changes.  So many things I would like to do.  So many things I could stop doing.  But then it hits me I would actually have to change.  I like routine.  I like sameness.  I like familiar.

And yet, I want to be adventurous.  I don’t want to be bound by the routine and the sameness of my every day.   Surely I find comfort in the sameness.  And safety.  Do I risk the safety to find something else?  Something I don’t even know I am looking for?  But I have a desire to look none the less.

There’s nothing wrong with comfort.  I know I enjoy the comforts of my life.  I am blessed to have what I have and don’t want to risk it or throw it away.  That’s not what I question.  I guess what I question is my courage.

But sometimes I guess it takes courage to stay in the sameness.  Not make a change.

Or discipline.

Or patience.

I guess I recognize there will be change.  Just a matter of when.

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