Housing Developers Listen Up

A small cottage.  Little piece of land.  With a bike trail running along one border of the property.  Other cottages not too similar to mine scattered about with trees here and there between us.  No real pattern to make it a neighborhood.  But a community of like minded persons none the less.   Like minded in wanting to live healthy, respect others, not intrude but be welcoming.   Comfortable with nature and people alike.

I see this vision clearly.

I just can’t find it.

There are so many housing developments and neighborhoods.  But the new developments are so big.   Why?  Do we all need such largeness to manage our lives?  And in addition to the largeness of our homes, we now need extra storage facilities to store all of our stuff?  Neighborhoods are great for so many things.   But the neighborhoods I see are of course not on a bike trail.   They are decaying.   Or so busy there is no natural peace.

I would want to put my cabin out there.    Close to the bike trail.  When I’m not on the trail I would enjoy sitting on the cabin porch and waving or nodding at the bikers and runners, joggers and walkers.  I’d offer water too.  A place to sit and talk and tell me their story.  Because I’d want to know about them.

Nothing extravagant.   Two or three bedrooms.  Open floor plan for kitchen and living area.  Maybe a den or workout room.  Couple of bathrooms.  Probably not even that big.  Porch.  Deck. Patio.  Whatever the house calls for.  Simple.  Wood.  Stone.  Affordable because there’s no need for grandeur or excess.

I would like to design this little piece of the world.   It would be conducive to happy living.   Healthy living.  For me.  And I am sure a few others.   It’s not my lottery village (https://bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com/2009/10/10/lottery-village/).   But I am pretty sure it is just as wonderful in a different way.

Picture it.  Wake up in the morning.  Make some tea or coffee.   Take it outside and sit on the porch/deck/patio and listen to the birds.  Lift your cup in a morning salute to the neighbor you can just catch a glimpse of on the other side of the trees between you.   He’s looking at you because he wants to greet you with a raised cup and a smile.   That’s all that is needed.  Start your day with a cuppa and a pleasant smile from another human being.  Relax.  Go to work, or not, depending on if you are working, retired, weekend, vacation.  Open the windows of the cottage and let the fresh air in.  Watch as an early morning jogger silently sweats through his morning workout, or morning meditation as some runners do.   Friends come to your house to visit and have easy access to the trail for their rides or jogs.  They know where to park so as not to block you if you have to leave.  If you aren’t there they leave amusing little notes.  You dress for a long ride and wheel out your bike, get your water and a little food.  Get on your bike and ride for an hour, four hours.  Whatever.  You ride home.  On your ride you had stretches you could crank it out and fly.  Other stretches where you encouraged little ones with their parents or talk to the older couple you see every weekend pedaling on their side by side four wheeled bike.

Later you can get back on your bike, or walk, to a nice little restaurant that caters to the trail users.  Good food.  Happy people.  Maybe you need to get a few things at the store.  So maybe instead of walking you do take the bike, with the panniers or basket.  Ride to the store and pick up some bread and chocolate and coffee.

At the end of the day you did a lot.  But never really left because it’s all kind of connected.

I think this would be a lovely way to live.

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