Let Me Work

Isolation sucks.

I can see why it is used in many cultures as punishment.  Or even as a test to adulthood.

Of course on a personal level I’m just talking about minor, insignificant kinds of isolation.  I work in a building with about 200 people.  My unit was cut from eight people to five people in 2003, and in 2009 it was again cut.  To two people.  When I’m busy it’s fine.  Because I love to work and get things done.  I just go, go and go some more until it’s done.  But during those times when the phone stops ringing, or I have no one left to dial, and the emails are all answered, the logs completed, the investigations documented, T’s are crossed and all dots are duly noted.  It happens.


No team members to talk to.  Other teams are doing work that I’m not a part of.  And for that matter bonding over doing the work that I am not a part of.  Bonding in that work field kind of camaraderie.

As long as I’m doing I’m perfectly fine.  I don’t need anyone to hold my hand.  Though it is nice to have the team member to bat things back and forth with.

But the moment there is a pause in activity.  The isolation screams at me.  Isolation is loud.

I love a busy day of work.  For the accomplishment of it.  The achievement.  The doing.  The activity.  The productivity.

But sometimes, there is that moment…

So, am I being punished?  Or is it a test?

I choose test.  And I choose busy over slack any day.