Borrowed From Molly…Day Made!

Some days I measure the goodness, or greatness of the day by what I do.  The events I pack in to it.  Or the things I feel I completed or accomplished.  Some days I measure my day by what others do and say to lead me, guide me, inspire me.  Some days are just so full of good moments.  Surprise moments.  Unexpected happy moments.  That I can not possibly measure it.  But will always treasure it.

I can’t measure today.  It was a good day.  Full of surprises.  Laughs.  Fun.  Biking.  Friends.  Food.  And appreciation.  Someone let me know I was appreciated.  And in turn, I find myself appreciating all of the kind and considerate gestures shown to me.

I don’t know how to tell others what I feel.  I think that is part of why I always, and love, to write.  I’m always trying to find the perfect way to say what I feel.  I want to give that feeling, share that feeling, with others.   I know I can’t actually make someone feel what I feel.  But only because I have not found the right words.

Tonight I just want to thank everyone at work who surprised me and gave me the best work moment of my life.  I feel I have much to do to deserve it, and I will thank them by doing the very best I can.   I want to thank my friends who share the joy of something I love doing, which of course is biking.  It feels good to get out there and pedal in the sun.  But it feels better to see someone else enjoy it and fall in love with it.  I want to thank friends who met with me to share time, laughter and food.  And life.  I want to thank those who love me, for loving me, and I know it by what they say to me, and what they do for and with me.

I can not measure today.  But man, it was a great day.   🙂  Thank you world!  I am blessed.