Didn’t See That Coming

The day is blowing away.  And I do mean blowing.  Where did this wind come from?

Remember the possibilities of the day ahead?   Well it is more than half gone and possibilities have come and gone.   TKD, did it, good class.  As expected.   Lunch with friends to talk about biking.   How could that have possibly been any better?  Oh, well wait, they treated!  So that was not expected and thoroughly enjoyed.  We took our time and enjoyed good company and good food.  But when we prepared to leave we walked out of BW3 in to a virtual dust storm.

Bike ride….. scrapped.    😦

Don’t be judgmental.  The wind alone wouldn’t have stopped us.  Possibility of rain alone would not have stopped us.  But the rock  pellets pelting us from the parking lot and the discouraging look of the clouds gave us pause for thought.   So we went to sister Bubba’s house and had a nice visit.  Thinking we would ride after the visit.  Alas, the dust storm still prevailed.

No bother.  We have so much to do at home.


Five days ago my house was full of my family.  Today, totally unexpected, it is down to a one family, one couple dwelling.

That’s right.   They all moved out.

I started the day with some plans.  I altered and adjusted as the day saw fit.   Some things changed without my input or participation.

Still time in the day to do some things so I’m going to ride but it will be in the house.   I’ll clean but with a twist.  I am polishing my floor!  Not expected, but now a possibility.   (I wouldn’t polish it because it is icy slick when I do, the little Queen or her pregnant mother could have fallen, not a chance I would take).

This blog feels disjointed.  As does the day.

The wind is still blowing.   Still some possibilities could blow this way I suppose!