The Ride Its Self

Despite my previous blog letter to an idiot driver, today was glorious for bike riding.

Perfect weather.

Start the day by knowing He has risen.  So the day is just meant to be glorious.   Don’t get me wrong I don’t think biking is more important than Easter.   But other people can write more eloquently about this holy day than I.

A friend rode his bike to our house which was wonderful in it’s self.  But this encouraged me to face my fears of road riding and get back out there and do it again.  It felt so good to feel the sun.  Having air forced cooling made it even better.  We should be hot because of the sun and the riding.  But the air kept everything just perfect.

Again, despite the idiot driver…  there were wonderful people out there.  I don’t expect everyone to wave and be all happy (though it would be nice wouldn’t it?) but it is nice when they do.  Some people just drive by, with a car’s width between us.  That’s all I ask.  Safety is a greatly appreciated.  But when people wave and give the thumbs up.  It’s a warm and fuzzy.  Even more warm and fuzzy?  The people who value us enough to putter behind us until they can safely pass.

There were two not quite elderly guys sitting on a porch and when I yelled “Happy Easter” they waved and hollered back.

There was a house full of teeny tiny puppies.  How do I know?  The front door was open and they flooded the road when they saw me.  I came to complete stop and waited for the guy to come get them.  He said “oh they won’t hurt you”.    Do you know the story about me and bike and dog?   Yeah, not taking that chance.  But he was nice and I waited until he had them all back with him.

Wonderful day.  I think I’ll do it again.