The Closest Thing To Ireland is Canton

Ireland is getting ready for us again.

And just by luck when we get there we have booked ourselves in to a home that is within minutes of Ireland’s first bike “trail”.    No planning went in to that.  I think it was meant to be.  Biking is fairly popular in Ireland.  And by previous experience I expect the drivers on those old narrow roads are pretty tolerant.  Did you know in Ireland when someone wants to pass, the person being passed pulls over on to the shoulder to allow a safer and kinder passing?  They don’t stop.  They just give the passer a wider berth to pass.  They don’t mind if the person behind them wants to get ahead of them.

So I’m reading descriptions of the biking routes for where we will be.  I am reading about the beauty and the history.  And noticing the term “you will be rewarded with….views”.    Meaning, once you bust your arse to get up the mountain you will see some pretty incredible sites.  Which means I need to do more road riding here to be prepared.  I don’t want to get to Ireland, jump on a bike, and bonk before I finish my first ride.   Nor do I want to embarrass the USA by not being able to handle the hills and mountains.  And, while I’m riding, I want to be able to enjoy the historical sites and ruins.  I love the ruins.

We plan on spending our first week there riding as much as we can.  I think it will be a more involved and thorough experience by riding these places.   Of all of our trips to Ireland so far we have only ridden bikes one day.  And that bike ride made the peninsula we pedaled around so familiar that when we went back two years later I knew exactly where the beehive huts were, the store with the tea room, the curve with the water running down the mountain, across the road and out the holes under the rock guard rail.  I felt like I knew that area so much better.   Which made me enjoy it so much more.

To be continued…..