I Did Warn You

Be jealous.  This is where I will be riding my bike in June.  This is only part of where we will be riding.  And eating.   And singing.  And generally frolicking in the mist and/or sun of Ireland.
Rain doesn’t bother us when we are in Ireland.
Calories don’t get counted.   As a matter of fact, calories don’t count in Ireland at all.  Bring on the brown bread, the scones, the Irish Stew and bagels with Nutella!   Don’t forget the porridge and bacon.
I did warn you a few blogs back and apologized in advance for the onslaught of Irish related blogs.  And lucky you, I will now manage to inundate you with Ireland AND biking blogs.   I am looking forward to being in Ireland and seeing it by bike.  But I have to admit, I will miss some of you.  Okay, all of you few who read this blog, I will miss each and every one of you.   Except the three who will be with me.   🙂    But the rest of you, I will miss.  And when I’m there, believe it or not, I will be wishing you were there with me to see these things that are part of Ireland.  The ruins, the mountains, the music, the green, the life, the beauty.   I wish every one could see it.  So I will just try to send as much of it as I can, to you.
Anyway.   We are starting to intensify our riding so we can ride these mountains.  Today was good practice.  I got half way up a “hill” which compared to that mountain was probably like going down hill.   I got half way up and my gears stuck.   I nearly had a heart attack trying to get up the hill in a gear I normally pedal on flats.  Maybe I should keep trying to do that and get stronger faster.   Or not.
And again, forgive me for being stuck in this gear for awhile.

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