An Every Day A Happy Day

So the kids moved out.  I cleaned my house.  I polished my wood floors for the first time in 2 years.   Better safe than sorry when you have wee one’s learning to walk.   Or grown up daughter who trip over her own feet.

Now my floor is shiny.

And I practice my TKD on this floor.  Now I have to go in super slow motion because my shiny floors are slick.  And I could use a very descriptive phrase to explain it.   I won’t.  But you get the picture.  Now instead of practicing my TKD I am practicing not falling on my ass.

I could have said “arse”.   Or “rear end”.   But I think “ass” fits much better there.

We took Nessie a table that David picked up for her.  For her apartment.  She was so excited.  That was nice to see.  And appreciative.  That’s nice too.

And my boss laughed when I told her to “shut your face!”.   Is that a good boss or what?  But I said it out of concern.  For real.  We have worked with many, many people.   And the general rule of thumb within our unit has ALWAYS been you do NOT mention certain case names.  Because without fail, and this has been proven over our years working together, once that name is uttered…  within 24 hours we get a phone call about that case.  It is the only curse I believe in.  Because I know it to be true.  She opened her mouth and said one name and was about to utter the last name, just to tempt this curse.  Before she could utter it I said “SHUT YOUR FACE!”    Justified.   And she agreed.

The best part of today?  In addition to all of the other good stuff?  I had an audience with the Queen.  That’s right, Grace O’Malley herself.  And her little Queen self hugged me with all the love of her royal heart.   And this Mamo’s day was made perfect.

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