Parent Disclosure

If you are my child there are certain things I will do for you.  I will love you unconditionally.  I may get angry, or upset, or disappointed or confused by some things you say or do, but that will never be a reason to not love you.  I will pray for you and your health and well being.  I will laugh with you at the silly things we both did while you were growing up.  I will enjoy laughing with you at my own foibles of parenting while I was practicing being a  parent at your expense.  I will slip you a ten or twenty dollar bill just to make sure you have a little cash in your pocket.  I will still buy you candy even when you are an adult.  I will always try my best to be understanding and patient.  But I know sometimes I will fail.  I will always try to be everything you want.  But I know sometimes I will fail.  I will try my best to not let you down.  I will try my best to teach you and give you guidance.  And I will try my best to let you learn things for yourself.  I will do everything I can to let go when you need to step out of my grasp and be an adult.   I will do everything I can to be healthy and strong for you.  I will ride my bike and work out to stay fit.  I will give up my bike ride if you need me more than I need to ride.   I will punch an attacker in the face for you.   I will take a punch in the face for you.   I will do what I can to protect you.  And I will do what I can to teach you how to protect yourself.   I will be here for you until God calls me home.

There are certain things I will not do, for you.  I will not be your friend when you need a parent.  Any one can be your friend.  I am the only one who is your mother.   I will not interfere with your relationships, but if you ask me… be prepared for the truth, I will not hold back.    I will not forget your birthday.  I probably will not leave you a fortune when I die.   I will not lie to you.  I will not always tell you everything.   I will not always understand you.  I will not always expect you to understand me.  I won’t always expect you to listen to me either.  I won’t always call you by your name.  I won’t be perfect.   And I won’t expect you to be perfect.  I won’t stop trying.  I won’t let you stop trying.  I will not always know what to do.  I will never give up on you.   And even when God calls me home, I will not leave you.