They Find Me Now!

We pretty much live by a rule around our house.   If anyone is dumb enough to take me in to a bike store they must be prepared to come out with a new bike (for me) or a bunch of biking accessories (also for me).   It’s like food.  If I’m not around it I’m okay.   I don’t go searching it out.  But if you take me to it, or bring it to me, it’s all over but for the paying of it.

Today was beautiful wasn’t it?   A little chilly but sunny and ‘warm enough’ to go on a ride.  After spending time with some miniature TKD students we went for a bike ride.   We wanted to do at least 30 miles and chose a bike trail that would easily give us that much mileage.  Though we would have to go to  the end, turn around, and go off on another branch of the trail.  This would give us at least 30 to 40 miles.  At one point the wind gust blew so hard it knocked me sideways and nearly toppled me.   But my skills saved the day!   It was chilly enough we knew not to stop and let the sweat chill.  So I kept telling David, we’ll ride to the end and just turn around.  Maybe stop long enough to unwrap some snack bars and eat while we ride.  I don’t want to get that dreaded hot sweat turned to cold sweat chill.  It was a workout riding in to that cross and head wind.  It kept switching on us.  And it was cold.   It was hard work and well worth it.


What do you think awaited us at the end of the first trail?   Out in a graveled, pit holed, dirty parking area?   A bike store on wheels.  There sat a TREK Element with bikes on top, pulling a TREK trailor, with a TREK tent pitched over a table and carpet, and bike racks with TREKS.  Though at first I thought it was them setting up for some kind of big ride because no one was out, the only people we  saw were  girls sitting in the Element.  I rode by too fast but they were out of the car yelling “HEY” at David as he rode up.  I turned around and went back.  They were out there just to showcase the new bikes and let people give them a trial run.  I could have chosen from some women specific bikes, or some men’s bikes…. or…

This could be my next bike for only $4,000.

This TREK Madone could be mine.  I could easily have lifted it with one finger but the wind was blowing so hard it was rocking it.  So I used 2 fingers to balance it.

But the girls showing us the bikes didn’t want me to settle.  They offered me a chance to ride this…..

Only $8,000 and I could pick what color TREK would paint it.

They were eager to let me ride them.   I am pretty sure David was trying not to panic when I sat on one of them.

In all fairness, I only sat on the $4,000 bike.

They were more than willing to have me sign a few waivers and test ride the bike(s).  I knew better than to ride one of them.  There is a small part of my brain that sometimes works and prevails over the I HAVE TO HAVE THIS part of my brain.  That and the car was 14 miles away and I still had a minimum of 16 miles to do.  And I didn’t want to hoist a bike over my shoulder for 16 miles.  Though the thought of it, and the picture of it, did cross my mind.  But fortunately for David they weren’t actually selling them right at that moment.  He is pretty safe as long as he doesn’t take me to their store.  Because on top of having a sweet bike to tempt me with, the store owner lucked out on having these girls represent his store.  When I go to buy another bike I will at least go to his store and check it out because of how well they represented his store and the product.  They were able to answer questions, give information on upcoming rides they support.  And they answered questions about the bikes themselves.  These girls weren’t there to sell us bikes.  They were there to tempt us.

And they did.  It was hard to ride away.

With the sweat now turned cold on our backs.

The giddiness of the unexpected treat made the ride back that much more sweeter.  And the forty mile an hour wind at our backs.