The Last Mile

Whether you’re hiking, or walking, or running, or jogging or biking, or on a road trip there’s always that last mile.

It’s a “God we’re almost there” mile.  Some days that last mile is the longest.  There’s nothing you want more than to stop the movement.    You can’t wait for the shower.  Or something to eat.  Your own bed.  You want to walk in your own door, close it, and be done.

But some days…. some days that last mile you wish would go a little further.   Last a little longer.   It’s over too quickly and back you must go.  Some days everything is working right in your body.  The sun is shining.  Your body is doing what you want it to.  The world feels great while you are doing what you are doing.  But you know when you get done you have to go back to work.  Or go home and do laundry.  Or fix dinner.   Or do homework.  Or get everything ready for the next day.   Some days that last mile means at the end, you have to stop something that you want to do for another half hour, another four hours.  Another week.  You don’t want it to end but you have to finish it for the day.  You feel as much heart ache at having to stop as you do on the days you can barely finish.

That last mile is often what motivates you back out to do the next first mile.   You want to reclaim the joy of the last mile you traveled.  Or you want to over come the struggle of that hard  last  mile.  You know that going back out is worth it.  Because at the end of the last mile you feel that accomplishment.   That “I did it and it was good for me” feeling always kicks in.

I didn’t want that last mile to end today.   And these miles I always remember.  The difficult miles seem to disappear quickly.  The good miles stay strong in my head.  Which must be the reason I keep going out for more miles.