A Day of Change, Pain and Love

Sometimes loving some body can be so painful.  And yet it’s what we want and need to do.  I sat today with a group of four elderly sisters.  They came together to protect one of them.  One of them is not safe to live alone any longer.  And they have to make that decision to take steps to protect her.  At one point one of the sisters spoke of her constant fear of her younger sister, living alone, possibly getting hurt, or her kind and generous nature being taken advantage of.   These women are at a point in their lives where they don’t have control over much.  Their bodies are deciding their own course.  Their world is changing around them without them having much of a say about it.  They have no power over the forces that change them, age them, and put them at risk.

But they’re dedication to one another never waivers.   It was not always easy to follow their conversation.   They tripped over one another expressing such love and respect for one another.   They felt it necessary for me to see how precious they all thought the others of them are.    I did not have to rally this family.  They had already rallied and circled up.  They were in protection mode and just needed some advice and information.   They knew where they were going, they just didn’t know how to get there.    The eldest of them looked at me and said “family comes first, always”.   Unfortunately that is not always what I see.  But today, what I saw, is what the world should be.

I thank God for these people and the lessons they show me.