Memorial Day 2010

I love my freedoms.  I love my country.  I love the energy we all have in our own personal beliefs.  We don’t always agree.  And for the most part we support one another in the ability to disagree and still be good Americans.  War or no war; belief in the necessity of war or not; there have been men and women who have volunteered to serve our country and us with their very lives.  I can’t do them any justice with this little blog.  Others have written much grander and eloquent words than I can right here.  But in a very simple way I thank those who have volunteered.  Whether I believe in the politics of war or not.  Whether I believe in the right or wrong of any decision our president makes.  Whether I like the way our country is living at any given moment:

I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

And I support those who, for whatever reason, give  a portion of, or their entire life, to our country.

To you and I.  To do what we want on this Memorial Day.  And every day.  Today I rode my bike.  I wore my flag jersey.  I will soon be heading out to a family cookout.   And I am very aware that there are young men and women buried around this world who did not get the chance to come home and do these things as they grew old.   For everything we do, and choose, and complain about as a country we really do have to thank our Veterans for giving us the opportunity to speak our thoughts.  To live as we choose.  To be free.

I spent some time today looking at videos and reading stories of our veterans.   I was surprised to find out how many of our Hollywood show biz types of old were war heroes.   I am saddened to read about men and women who went unrecognized for their valor.  And I know first hand how some of our unsung heroes live today-choosing between food and medicine, because there is not enough care to go around.

I loved my long weekend.   I loved the ability to go on my bike ride.  Eat cheesecake.  Sit here and write this blog.  And I thank all of those who sacrificed their own freedoms to guarantee mine.


Thank you.