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House To House

I just made, and ate, a killer egg and cheese burrito for dinner.  It was good.  I also went outside and did some yard work.  That was awesome.  Though the weed eater  ran out of gas  before I got finished.  Bummer.

David and I went by a couple of houses for sale closer to where we work.  One house is sort of intriguing.  It looked very nice.  It looks small enough.  We have decided to get a small place, we don’t want our house to own us.   But the intrigue diminishes when  I come home and work outside at this house.  And I sit in my house, here,  with all of it’s shiny wood floors and book shelves all through the house.  How can another house compare?   Well I have considered the pros and cons of both.

Staying here means having much more “space”.  The house it’s self is not huge but it is plenty big enough for the two of us.  And our assorted accumulation of unneeded, and needed, clutter.  It’s exactly how I want it.  It is sitting on 8 acres.  There are “neighbors” who are not close to us, physically or in the neighborly way.  But there’s enough space between us all that it doesn’t really matter.  I’m not close to anything. Other than my kids, who are 3 miles away.  Which means the Queen herself is only 3 miles away.  It’s pretty here.  It’s peaceful here.  It’s so removed here (which is both a pro and a con).

Moving means I will have almost 2 more hours of every day given back to me.  David will have almost 3 more hours of living time.  We’ll be close to Tim Horton’s (if we move in to the general area we are considering, there are two).  Close enough to the grocery stores that maybe I won’t mind going to the store so much.  Now, it seems to take half of a day off to do any major grocery shopping.  I loathe shopping anyway.   Maybe I can do more volunteer stuff at work, or for other places/people.  I’ll be much farther away from the kids, and the Queen.  Too far it seems.  Or maybe not.  Who knows.  I’ll be able to enjoy time with people I only get to see at work, because I would likely be within biking, walking, or short driving distance from them.   Meeting people after work would be a pleasure, not a chore, because I’d be so much closer to work.  I’d be closer to my mom.   Closer to some of my siblings.  Farther away from my kids.  And the Queen.

And going through these pros and cons is not helping.  I keep going through them daily.  I keep telling myself if I’m suppose to move I’ll get the sign I need.  I keep telling my friends that I’ll decide to move when I see the house I need to live in waiting for me.

I’m waiting and pondering.   If anyone sees an awesome little cottage on a bike trail close to where I work that is kinda sorta isolated yet very close to “town”.   Let me know.   Thanks.

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