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Bagel Love

I wasn’t mad at David.  I was just frustrated because I wanted a bagel.  I told David I would like a bagel this morning on the way to work.  I knew the toast, though as perfect as toast is, would not be enough for me this morning.  I put my seat back but stayed awake.  I remember him pulling quickly on to SR 22 and thought ‘oh good we’re almost there’.  Then I opened my eyes again and put my seat upright again and we were nearly to work.  We had passed Tim Horton’s.  Now I was not mad at him.  Though I did say “uh, thanks for the bagel”.  And he said “oh crap” or some thing near that.  Then tried to claim short term memory loss.  This from the man that every time I try to make a point about something he will quote time, date, and moment that “this” happened and I am wrong.  Or he will spend hours, days, looking stuff up to prove I am wrong.   But he can’t remember I want a bagel.  Again, to be clear, I was not mad at him.  In fairness to him, I did fall asleep.  He asked me why I didn’t remind him.  I told him I had fallen asleep.  Though in fairness to me I did not know I had fallen asleep.

So he offered to stop at the other place close to work.  Where instead of a 270 calorie bagel.  I could have picked up a 5,273 calorie bagel.  I politely declined.  He offered to drop me off at work and go to the other Tim Horton’s and get me one.  Again, I politely declined.  Then as we walked away from the car he offered me a left over Subway cookie from last night.  Again, declined.   Maybe not as politely.  But with manners I am sure.  He said he felt horrible about not getting me a bagel.  I told him I just didn’t know what to do about that but he needed to let it go.

I got in to work.  He called to let me know he got to work, again he apologized.  Manners don’t fail me now.  By now I was totally over it.  When I got off the phone I knew he was feeling bad.  I emailed him and told him I would get a bagel on my way out to an investigation.  And as the day turned out, I did just that.  And then again at lunch I went with someone who had chosen to go to Tim Horton’s, and yes, I got another bagel for the day.   That’s right.  A day with no bagel turned in to a 2 bagel day.

And as much as I like, probably love, those bagels; it’s just a bagel.

I hope I am not petty enough to harbor ill feelings towards such a wonderful husband.

It was just a bagel.

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